Ten Years Ago Today, Bionix Debuted on YTV. It’s Time We Got It Back.



Earlier today, Corus Entertainment spoke before the CRTC in a hearing to determine the future direction of television in this country. Amid the myriad of talking points debating pick-and-pay television, preponderance of Canadian services, and availability of youth broadcasting, I wonder if at any point the Corus representatives thought “hey, isn’t today the tenth anniversary of that anime block that ran on YTV? Maybe we should bring that thing back.” It’s understandable if they didn’t – even I forgot that Bionix debuted ten years ago today.

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Persistant Acne and the resolution to clear skin

Morning its that time of day again, you dread to peer into the mirror. But you someone how muster the strength to take a quick glance and to your surprise you a new zit, pimple, white head, lesion, etc is inimically situated somewhere on your face. Whether your cheeks, chin, jaw line, forehead, and T-Zone.

My name is Catalyst and I’ve been struggling with acne for over 6 years now. I know what it is to feel hopeless, waking up everyday to a new zit on my face. My acne dilemma would never go away but persistently and relentlessly assail me. I would say I was on the boarder line of bad acne to severe acne. I know what it feels like to not be able to afford those expensive acne treatments, and having to resort to futile over the counter products.

But I’m here to share good news, you can beat acne! This blog is not  here to endorse any sort of acne fighting products. Because look, I’m going to be honest with you, acne is a very complex issue and not everybody will respond the same particular kind of treatment. Whether that be proactive, clear pores, clean and clear,( I’ve tried all these products in the past but to no avail my acne still persisted =() etc

I’m just here to share helpful information that will be able to empower you in your combat against acne. Most of all its free of charge! Because i know how it feels to have those embarrassing blemishes marring your face and perhaps even worse enervating your self-esteem.

Solutions: Believe it or not diet has a huge impact in terms of the achieving acne free skin. Huge impact! This is what dermatologist and multi-billion dollar cosmetic industries don’t want you to know! How would i know? What is my proof or the science behind this? OK I’ll elaborate, but to answer my first question how I know? Simple, i tested this compelling theory out. I ate food high in the “Glycemic index” such as pizza, burgers, fries, “fried” chicken, chocolate, etc. And to my surprise my acne appeared MORE frequently and more aggressively, after eating such junk foods I could literally feel zits from underneath my skin forming ready to surface. Now why does your skin react in such a way to these junk foods? Simple foods high in the glycemic index will increase the level of insulin in your blood, resulting in your sebaceous gland producing more oils, ergo acne appears after the excess oils clog the pores.

Now let me be honest there are many solutions that can work for you, again everyone is unique and therefore your skin might react much differently than someone else’s. There really isn’t a once and for all solution, with the exception for one which I will be divulging as you read on. But first in order to get clear skin trying altering your diet, throw a lot of GREENS, meaning vegetables and fruits , stay away from junk foods and soft drinks, drink plenty of water. Try different skin regiment routines, from toners to moisturizers. Try new things, experiment and see what works for you. I cannot give you a brand of over the counter products because to be honest none of them worked for me.

98% solution to Acne: As I promised there is one treatment available that has proven to have the best acne fighting track record, with an outstanding 98% of people clearing up after either 1 course of treatment to 2-3 courses of treatment. But I would also like to mention there are  SIDE EFFECTS to this treatment. So without further ado let me introduce the best acne fighting medication in a dermatologist’s arsenal, Accutane. This is an isotertinoin(pill) that is your best bet into achieving clear skin.

What it does? It matures or significantly reduces the sebaceous glands( the very cause of acne) from producing its oils and therefore resulting in virtually NO zits. I am currently on my first course, and it is working wonders. This is a long term treatment that will bring virtually if not 100% clear skin results. It is a 6 month treatment and will bring a long term remission of acne for the most part, some people may need additional treatments, 2 or 3 more courses.

But this medication is very Powerful and must not be taken lightly as it has many side effects, I wont go into details, your dermatologist can inform you( trying to make this blog as concise as i can). But I can tell you you will need to lotion and moisturize more frequently as it does dry out your skin, lips, etc. Again please check with your dermatologist and indoctrinate yourself with the potentially serious side effects before starting on this program. I hope this blog helped and perhaps even inspired you to keep fighting with your on going battle with acne, because you can achieve clear skin and have the confidence you always wanted. Don’t give up! you can win! Clear skin is just a step away.